About Hope

Hope Christian Community is a non-denominational Christian church of Kingdom-minded Believers present at two locations in Seattle, Washington.   Our commitment is to:

Releasing God’s Kingdom now through His love, His truth, and His Presence.  We are revival!

To spread the fire of REVIVAL:
  • Building a dynamic house of worship with souls that have been changed by revival.
  • Building a dynamic children’s and youth ministry that imparts revival to our children.
  • Establishing an evangelistic presence in our community.
  • Establishing our School of Ministry (SOM) as a high quality revival-minded training and equipping center with a strong regional influence.
We are a family of Believers who stand on the Bible as the perfect Word of God, and believe the Word of God is still the relevant solution for life’s challenges in the 21st century.  We gather as a FAMILY of marrieds and singles, men and women, students and children to celebrate the life, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Come JOIN US this week and experience the difference Jesus can make in your life!

Elder Couple Marriage Hugging Christian Stock Photo
Valentines Day Couple Ministry Stock Photo Kicking Back